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Food Report: My Top 5 Brunch places in London

You have probably noticed that there are really two londons: east and west london (i could also add south and north but the real division is more between the first two). East is known to be cheaper, better to party and full of hipsters. As such I am sure it is full of very cool places to brunch. However as a true west londoner, I … Continue reading Food Report: My Top 5 Brunch places in London

Travel Report: Essaouira 2018

While typing in the title of this post I kept hearing the chinese tourist one row before us in the bus trying to pronounce E-SSSS-A-U-OU-I-RRRRRA all along the 2 hour 30 min drive (which took 4 hours if you add the stop at the Goat tree, the technical breaks and the argan oil supposedly women owned cooperative). Transportation:I would definitely recommend to do a day … Continue reading Travel Report: Essaouira 2018