Food report: My Top 5 Foodie places in New York City

What is a foodie place you would ask well in my opinion this is a place where you can get quality drinks or food without the hassle of dressing up to go to a very formal white table cloth restaurant. It is just a no fuss casual place where your table’s neighbor is also here to enjoy the good food or drinks !

NYC is definitely a city I would define as my cheat city a bit like a sex buddy, I would imagine, London is for sure a better city to live in but oh boy NYC can do food ! My TOP 5 is a mixture of secret bars, brunch and dinner places.

1. Secret Bar: Please don't tell !

It is probably forbidden to communicate on this fabulous secret place. So please forget everything I will tell you below. My favourite secret hidden prohibition (insert other synonyms) bar in NYC. A hot Dog place,a telephone booth and then one of the best cocktails ever in a very chill atmosphere. To be honest they got me at Chartreuse (this alcoohol is from my hometown) cocktails ! Try to get the seat under the stuffed bear 😉

2. Restaurant: Chinese Tuxedo

Recommended by a friend of mine, this place is everything I like; 1940s colonial inspired decor and delicious chinese fusion food. They have amazing cocktails, the atmosphere is hype with softened light and great decor. This is now my go to dinner place in Chinatown !

3. Brunch: Prune

Yes you will need to queue for at least an hour to get this delicious food, yes it will be annoying but so much worth it especially if, like us, you come prepare. Just give your name to the table dispatcher lady and go a couple of block north to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or coffee ! At Prune make sure to leave some room for the amazing Merveilles (pictured above).

4. Secret Bar: Angel's Share

La part des Anges…. well I won’t leave my share to anyone else to be honest. Hidden at the back of a thai restaurant, this hidden place is the best place to end a day in NYC, amazing cocktails and spacious venue with natural light (we went on a sunday night and ended up at the bar but bar’s seats are the best anyway right;) ). The decor is classic with some italian old school paintings.

The Angel’s share
5. Donuts: Doughnut Plant (The best Doughnuts ever !)

Natural ingredients and made in house jam and dough. Different locations in Manhattan. Mandatory order the creme brulee one, be adventurous for your number 2 !

Very short list and you probably noticed that most of the places above are in east village (I guess this is where the fun is). Let me know in the comments below if you have tried any of these places !

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