Food Report: My Top 5 Brunch places in London

You have probably noticed that there are really two londons: east and west london (i could also add south and north but the real division is more between the first two). East is known to be cheaper, better to party and full of hipsters. As such I am sure it is full of very cool places to brunch. However as a true west londoner, I very rarely go to east London (it takes me at least 60 minutes to get there and the overground is involved \o/). I prefer to go even further west during the weekend (but this is something I will definitely try to change in 2019!). So as West is best 😉 here is my top 5 brunch places in west london.

Top 5:
1. The Parlour
2. The Electric Diner
3. Megan's
4. Bonjour Brioche
5. Dishoom

Brunch (a combination of Breakfast and Lunch – you would be surprised by how many people don’t know that) is usually eaten between 10am and 3pm and is larger than a breakfast. Some people even say that you are supposed to eat the same amount as Breakfast and a Lunch combined. Some have it savoury other sweet (me!) and both (starting with sweet dish or not!)… Well you get it pretty much anything is allowed for Brunch. Surprisingly it seems that the concept of Brunch originated in the United Kingdom (in 1895) but have caught on in the USA around 1930s (yes I looked it up 😉 ). Anyway Brunch is now so hype most of the places will not take reservations and will make you wait for ages on an empty belly. As I am clearly not in my best mood when hungry it so happens that all my favorites take reservations !

The other very cool places (that don't take reservations though!) 
will be Egg break, Nama, Daysroom, Farm girl and Granger & Co !
I am voluntarily not mentionning The Breakfast Club as the ones
in west london are not the cosiest ones !

Top 1: The Parlour

No it is not my favorite because it is the closest to my place, I love the family friendly/gastro pub atmosphere, they have the most amazing full english (still debating whether the veggie one is not better than the meaty one). But what I love the most is that they have an all you can eat homemade bread buffet with jam and butter for you to enjoy the sweet part of brunch ! Bonus they have a beer garden for summer ❤

Above Photos for the Parlour credits Philipp Ammon (go check his website, super talented photographer who gives you tips and travel reports ! Thank you Phil for letting me borrow your pictures 😉 )

2 The electric diner

On portobello road, where you can get a table in a booth or at the bar and enjoy delicious waffles, full english breakfast or cheeky burger before enjoying a movie at the Electric cinema next door.

3 Megan’s

The most southern one of my list, very cute decor, a very large terrace and amazing options (including a cookie dough dessert to die for). Bonus they also do boozy brunch for a very modest price.

Bonjour Brioche

4 Bonjour Brioche

The most western of the list, but also where i had the best toasts in London.

I would recommend the mushrooms and eggs one with a fresh juice. Definitely book in advance as the dining room is quite small.

5 Dishoom

Yes it is a chain restaurant but probably the most amazing one. Indian restaurant where the effort is not only put in the food quality but also in the venue design. My favorite one is the Kings cross one, industrial vibe with a touch of colonial inspired decor, the food is delicious (not too spicy) and the chai lattes are free refill ! A bit unusual to have indian food for brunch but when you have tried the egg roll naan or their home made bread you just wanna go back every sunday !

What is your Top 5 ? From East or West London ? let me know in the comments section below. If you want to see more of my favourite food follow me on Instagram ! See you soon 🙂

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