Tenerife 2018 //Teaser

You are going to think that i am full of stereotypes (I swear I am not that bad 😉 ) but i really thought that Tenerife was either a destination for British families desperate to get some sun while enjoying an all you can eat buffet or retired people who were only looking for a cheap and easy way to make new friends under the sun. But actually we found a very cool island with lost of sports options, picturesque colonial towns and a friendly vibe. Here is what we did during this week in Spain away from Spain.

We definitely indulged on this one
(but hey why not and we all have different
we stayed at the Gran Melia Hotel Red level
(Adult only) near the Los Gigantes cliffs.

I definitely think that the accomodation we had, played a major role in this stay. It is actually one of the best hotels I have ever been to, everything was spot one; from the professional staff able to find you the best scuba diver instructor for the next day or to bring you by gulf cart to the nearest cash machine, the food (yes obviously they had an all you can eat buffets, 2 actually !), the sunset view from our balcony, the beach within 2 min walking distance… the list of examples is endless !

Aperitivo time at Gran Melia

You probably think that with such an amazing accomodation, we would not have done much besides sun bathing but no (you will notice that I can’t stand still more than 2 minutes) and this is probably what struck me the most, there are actually plenty of things to do in Tenerife.


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