Travel Report: Marrakech 2018

I remember spending New Year’s Eve 2000, the one with all the end of the world propheties, in Marrakech. So it has been 18 years since I visited last and I can tell you that everything changed but the best ! We did not stay long but just enough to discover some new places.

The very first question that you will have to
ask yourselves is Riad or not Riad ? In most
cases I would definitey answer Riad !
You can find little gems on AirBnb, it is
usually more expensive than a normal hotel room
but clearly it is an amazing experience to feel
like you have your own Palace in the Medina.
I would recommend to find one within walking
distance to one of the gates surrounding the
medina,it will be easier to find your bearings
and give directions to a taxi for example.
The other amazing advantage of staying in a Riad,
is that most of hosts will know a cook to prepare
delicious Tajines (expect a post on Moroccan
food soon!) for you.
There are lots of restaurants in Marrakech but
it will be cheaper with a cook and probably
better quality !
The objectives were pretty much sun, food
and explore.
For most of us it was not our first stay there
so we did not go all-in on the touristy stuff
but still !
Day 1: Le Jardin Majorelles + YSL Museum,
restaurant Al Fassia for lunch
Day 2: Essaouira
Day 3: Side cars riding in the Medina
with Marrakech Insiders 
+ Lunch "Chez L'Habitant"
+ Jardin Rouge
(Montresso Foundation)
Day 4: Palais de la Bahia (amazing),
Saadhiens tombs (i would not recommend
this place!)
+ shopping in the Souks
+ rooftop and hotels bar hunting
Day 5: Brunch at Cafe des Epices and Spa
Jardin Majorelles _ go early before 11am it gets crowded very quickly!
The garden is beautiful but don’t forget to check the “Berbere Museum” inside the garden, newly renovated it is a very cool exhibition retracing the Berbere history with objects, jewelries and pieces of clothing (no pictures allowed unfortunately). Also have a look at the museum store and get this leather bag in pyramid shape or the shopper one you will NOT find similar ones in the souks :grimacing:

The YSL is a beautiful place, i could have spent hours in the first room (it is mainly one room though if i remember correctly) reading the different milestones of his life and checking every details of his creations ! Al Fassia is one of the best restaurants (try to book in advance) in Marrakech, mainly managed by women the food is delicious and it is just a 15-20 minute walk from the YSL museum.

You probably noticed while preparing your trip in Marrakech and Morocco in general that there are lots of different options for some adventure; quad, camel ride, balloons… We found that riding vintage side cars in the Medina to hunt for street art was more appealing to us ! Amazing experience with Guillaume, Manu and Medhi from Marrakech Insiders, this tour was tailored to our needs and preferences, you don’t have to hunt for street arts you can create your own tour !

Art in Marrakech – this is probably what struck me the most, how trendy and full of modern art Marrakech is. Being an art lover, I really enjoyed the street arts (seeing gouzous from Jace outside La Reunion is always something special), but also randomly ended up at the Comptoir des mines gallery (don’t forget to check the warehouse on the left end side) and spending over an hour following our guide at the Jardin rouge – Montresso foundation which is an artist residence where artists are fully supported (food, accomodation, tools…) to let them express their arts!

In addition to art, Marrakech is growing concept stores (La famille, Le jardin, Max+ Jan, Chabic chic all identical and probably owned by the same people they were too hype for me, this is not where you want to shop and spend time while in Morocco in my opinion!) and trendy rooftops ! My favourite one is definitely the Cafe des Epices for brunch (but several people told me I should try Nomad next time), the Museum of photography’s rooftop and the Dar Cherifa’s one for drinks (the restaurant is great too) !

I could write an entire post on Marrakchi food and restaurants (I probably will 😉 ) but if there is only one place i would like to mention here is “Chez l’habitant” the exact opposite of a hype concept store in the Medina, here you are welcomed by Loubna and her partner who grow their own vegetables, renovated this country house, make home made cosmetics and manage this guest house. The decoration is spot on, the food delicious and the service incredible. I will go back there for sure !

If you want to see more on Marrakech check my blogroll, i listed other (more experienced and professional) bloggers who also inspired me for this trip ! Leave comments below if you have any questions ! Looking forward to my next trip there Inch’Allah 🙂

PS: I know that Marrakech is spelled Marrakesh in English but for some reasons I can’t get myself to write it this way 😉

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